Gift Certificates/Vouchers

Is located in your "my account" area or if you don't have an account, it is in the Homepage Footer, under "Extras"

Accepted Currencies/Payments

Legal tender in Canada is CAD.  Currently we are only accepting payment in CAD.  Any attempt to pay in any other currency will result in denial of your transaction unless your credit card permits an exchange.  Exchanges rates are automatically updated and are in accordance with current exchange markets.  These may vary slightly from time to time due to shifts in the market exchange rates and possibly due to a lag between the timing of the market rate change and timing of our system updating the exchange rates. The timing does not always match up but should be accurate within approximately 24 - 48 hours.  

The Blog and Group

The Blog has moved to our Facebook Page.  Links from this site to the page will be installed soon.  In the meantime you can find a link to the page in the BooTiki News.  Once you find our page, search for our group:  Stitchn Be Fans.  This groups posts and chats on a fairly regular basis.  Both are intended to provide inspiration, assistance and friendship!  Come join us!  We'd love to meet you!

Shop Hops/In-person Visits

The e-store is the Boutique's primary mode of product delivery however it is possible to book an appointment to see what the store has to offer in person.  Please call about one week in advance of when you would like to visit if coming in from out of town or if you are a group of shop hoppers or a day or two in advance if you are local to Regina and area.  This will help us ensure appropriate staff is on hand to help you.  Visits are blacked out during tradeshows or similar events.  These will eventually be listed on our calendar. (Please note:  the calendar module is not yet operable.)

Trade Shows

The Boutique travels to various guild and craft shows in Saskatchewan. A list of dates/venues can be found on our calendar.  Announcements are also made via the BooTiki Newsletter along with advance notice of sales, meet the artist events, classes and other events.  To learn about these events, you can also like our Facebook page and fan group. 

Endangered Birds BOM Program 

This program consists of 6 blocks and a finishing kitPurchase of the opt-in block pays for block 1.  Block 2 will be billed when block 1 ships and so on until block 6 is billed.  This will ensure the finishing kit (7th payment) is made as block 6 arrives.  Both block 6 and the finishing kit will ship together and both must be paid before being shipped.  Once the opt-in block is purchased, you are enrolled in the program and will be billed automatically for 1 block, shipping fees and applicable taxes at intervals of approximately every six weeks, as each block is released.    You may opt-out or cancel your enrollment in this program by providing written notice stating your intent to cancel/opt out within 30 days from the date the last block was billed.  All requests for opt-out or cancellation will be subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to 1/2 the total value of the Endangered Birds BOM Program.  Payment of the cancellation fee does not entitle you to any kits beyond those which you received prior to submitting your notice of cancellation/opt out.  Customers are responsible for information Stitchn Be Artisan Boutique Inc., of any change in status or validity of their credit card information.  Kits will not ship until billing concludes successfully and payment is made. 

Mystery Quilt Canada / Mystery Quilt USA Programs

Intake for these mystery quilt programs has ended.  Each program included 13 blocks and a finishing kit.  When you purchase your first block for this program you will be required to sign a contract and will be billed automatically once every six weeks for the cost of the block and shipping to your designated address.  Blocks will auto ship/autobill approximately every six weeks or as soon as the blocks are released by the distributor and become available.  The finishing kit is a separate purchase, which will be made available to you near the end of the program.  You may opt out and cancel your membership in either of these programs by providing written notice stating your intent to cancel/opt out within 30 days from the date the last block was billed.  All cancelations/opt outs submitted within the 30-day window are subject to a $25.00 cancellation/opt out fee.  You agree to allow this fee to be autobilled and understand the fee must be paid in full before your membership will be cancelled.  Notices of cancellation/opt out which are submitted beyond the 30-day period will be subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee.  Cancelation/opt out fees are not refundable.  Payment of the cancelation fee does not entitle you to any kits beyond those which you received prior to submitting your notice of cancellation/opt out.  Please read the terms and conditions for BOM/Mystery Quilt Programs on our Terms and Conditions page for more details. 

Affiliates Program

Stitchn Be Artisan Boutique Inc. operates an Affiliate Program.  This program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their web site which advertises Stitchn Be Artisan Boutique Inc. or one or more of our specific products on it. Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission.  All affliates must have an Affiliate Account and can apply for one online.  (An affiliate acount is separate from individual accounts used to make purchases.)  This program is open to non-profit groups like:  guilds, art associations, museums, galleries and other organizations which support the arts and artists, crafters and quilters.  It is not open to individuals.  However, if you are an entity which does fund raising for a charitable purpose, please feel free to make a request by creating an affilate account.  All affiliate accounts are reviewed and are subject to our approval.  We reserve the right determine the rate of commission, to approve, suspend and close an affliate's account without notice and without reason.  By virtue of signing up for an Affliate Account, an affiliate accepts and is subject to all of the Terms & Conditions set out on this site or as set out by Stitchn Be Artisan Boutique Inc., in writing regardless of whether this is by paper or electronic means.  Where an affliate breaches any of the Terms & Conditions, it forfeits any and all accrued commission and remains subject to any other penalities or prosecution and litigation to which Stitchn Be Artisan Boutique is entitled by law.  Any advertisements for which Stitchn Be Artisan Boutique Inc., has paid a fee of any kind are not eligible for embedded codes and may not be linked under the Affiliates Program. 

Shipping Information

Currently shipping via Canada Post Ground Parcel or Small Packet within Canada. We export to the United States, France, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom (Great Britain) and Italy via Canada Post International (Tracked) Packet.  If you live outside of these countries, you must email sales@stitchnbe.com to place your order.  Postage to your country will be calculated and added to your order.  In most cases, orders are shipped the following business day.  Orders submitted on weekends and Canadian federal or provinicial holidays will ship the next business day.  If Canada Post does not deliver to your area and you require an alternate shipping method, email particulars to sales@stitchnbe.com.  We do not ship to General Delivery Post Office Boxes.  Since postal rates can change suddenly, we reserve the right to determine and approve shipping methods to your area.

All parcels are trackable and traceable on Canada Post's website.  Once your order has shipped, a tracking code will be provided by email.  Please be sure that whatever you are ordering will clear your country's customs department without trouble. Some countries have restrictions on certain items and we are unable to keep track of all of them.  Due to this, we ask you to be responsible for your order and whether it will pass through your customs.  We are not responsible for your order if it fails to clear your customs.

Postage is based on Canada Post's Parcel Services Commercial Price Guide, 2015.  All postage and shipping fees collected are paid directly to them. We do not derrive a profit from shipping.  To learn of special offers (periodically with free shipping), sign up for the BooTiki News.  This is how you will recieve advance notices of sales and special offers.  Overweight (OW) and over-size (OS) items are subject to additional postage fees.  Where an item is subject to OW/OS fees, this is specified either in the item description or in the cart/payment processing pages.  In some cases, the OW/OS fee will not cover the total cost of shipping these items.  In these cases, you will be notified of the difference in cost and have an opportunity to reconfirm your order  at the new cost or cancel.  Occassionally, Stitchn Be Artisan Boutique may elect to cover the shortfall.

Handling Fees

In most cases, we use standardized boxes from Canada Post to ship your items; however, larger non-standard boxes,tear proof envelopes, tubes or other special containers are sometimes needed.  The shopping cart only calculates the weight of each of the items in your shopping cart.  The size of the mailing box is also a factor which affects the cost of postage.  The shipping fee you pay does not take this into consideration nor does it consider the weight of the box itself or the weight of the packing material needed.  These things increase overall cost of shipping.  Where it is necessary to charge a handling fee, rather than transfer the additional cost of these items onto the cost of each of our products, we choose to equalize and share the additional costs with you.  The handling fee, (your contribution) only covers a portion of these costs, we absorb the rest.  If a handling fee is payable, it will appear in your shopping cart.  If no handling fee appears in this area, you have not been charged a handling fee.

Products Damaged in Shipping

We inspect all products at time of shipping to ensure they are undamaged.  We also take great care to ensure they are packed appropriately to avoid damage during shipping.  If your parcel sustained damage during shipping, please email us and we will be glad to explain how to go about making a claim. 


Absolutely no returns on:  books, patterns, magazines, DVDs & CDs or downloaded products.  All sales final on cut fabric, specially ordered items and custom kits.  If you feel you need to return a product, you must email us to explain the problem BEFORE you send the product back.  Refunds will not be issued without prior authorization and simply returning an item will not necessarily result in a refund.  Returned goods must be unsoiled and in saleable condition.  We reserve the right to determine whether a product is saleable.  Partially used products or packaged goods which have been opened and are not resealable to the original state are not returnable and may not be exchanged.  Your original receipt MUST be returned with the product.  We do not refund shipping charges. Refunds will be via same method of payment, within 14 days of purchase.  Over 14 days from purchase, refund will be in the form of an in-store credit or online gift voucher.  No refunds will be issued after 21 days.  Exchanges are only accepted within 14 days of date of purchase.

Roses and Thorns

Compliments, questions and concerns are encouraged. Please email: sales@stitchnbe.com to let us know how we may enhance your experience.