Where do you ship? 

We ship to all provinces in Canada and to export to the United States, France, Australia, Germany, Switerland, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom (Great Britain) and Italy.  More locations will be available in due course.  If you are from outside Canada, it is still possible to place an order.  Please email with your requirements.    

What method of shipping do you use?  

All shipping in Canada is presently through Canada Post Small Packet or Parcel and uses Ground Rates.  Out of Canada exports are with Canada Post and by International Air Tracked Packet or Small Parcel.  All Packets and Parcels to all locations are trackable and traceable.  If you would prefer another method, please email with your request. 

Is there a FREE Shipping Threshold?

Yes, FREE shipping is available when the sub-total of the order is $125. (CDN).  The sub-total does not include taxes or shipping charges.  Free shipping is only available for orders within Canada.

Why don't I see a shipping rate for parcels in excess of 50 pounds?

The system cannot process an order in excess of 50 pounds.  The only solution for orders over 50 pounds is to split it in two. If you have special needs, please email with your request.

How do you handle oversize and overweight items?

The system will not process an order that weighs in excess of 50 pounds.  You must split your order to reduce the weight when this occurs.  Some items may be oversize.  Extra fees are associated with shipping overweight and oversize items because they require special handling and special packaging.  Oversize (OS) and Overweight (OW) items are identified in the item description along with a notice that extra fees apply.  If you select these items, OS/OW fees will be added to your cart during the checkout process. 

Can I pick up my order?      

Yes, pick up is by appointment only.  Please email to book a pick up time.  Payment must be made for your order through the shopping cart system in advance of pick up.  If shipping costs were applied to your order these will be reimbursed at pick up.  Reimbursement is via same method of payment only.  If you fail to pick up your order, it will be mailed to you at your expense.  Shipping fees will not be reimbursed if the order is not picked up as scheduled.  

Cash On Delivery

This method of payment is not available for orders that must be shipped.  All shipped orders must be prepaid.  Cash payment is acceptable only if you will be picking up your order in person.  I wish I could change this feature to read, "Cash on Pick-up" since that would make more sense.  Unfortunately the program will not allow that wording change.     

What are your shipping fees?  

Canada Post calculates parcel postage based on the weight of the parcel as well as the parcel's dimensions (length, width and height).  The cart system used by this site is capable of calculating the weight of your item(s) but is not currently capable of calculating the package dimensions or the added weight of the envelope/box and packing materials.  Due to lack of this operability feature, the cart system is not integrated with Canada Post's shipping system and will not result in the same postage rate.  The cart system calculates parcel postage using Canada Post's parcel rate thresholds, rounded to the nearst dollar.  Where this method will not cover the entire cost of postage and providing you have made the correct shipping selection for your location, the Boutique will pay the difference.  We reserve the right to determine and approve shipping methods for your area.  Should there be a discrepancy between shipping calculated by this site and the actual cost of an approved shipping method with Canada Post, the actual cost with Canada Post at the time your funds are captured will prevail.